Welcome to the top 20 educational websites available to students!  This site was created in response to the frustration many teachers and parents have expressed when trying to find age appropriate and safe sites for their students/children to interact with.  There is only one place you need to go to find educational, interactive, motivational sites that are free, safe, and do not feature an overwhelming amount of advertisements.  If you would like, please review the CHOICE to Teach Technology Well article that I have written that will help you know how to use these sites most effectively with your students/children.  Also, if you are a teacher, please visit the top 20 teacher sitesFor more information about Dr. Pratt, click here.

Language Arts Mathematics Science Other

Phonics/ reading activities K-4.

Math activities from NCTM.

Interactive museum activities.

Interactive games from BBC.

Games from Houghton Mifflin.

Inquiry based web activities.

Activities and games from NASA.

Variety of games from Scholastic.

Mad Lib Activities.

Math Skills and logic games K-6.

Excellent games and activities.

Great dictionary, thesaurus etc.

Online Web Stories.

LA and Math Games in Flash.

Live WebCam-Monterey Bay.

Safe Search for Kids.

More online stories on the web.

Basic math skills.

Smithsonian National Zoo.

Time Magazine for Kids.

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