David Feikes, Ph. D.
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Purdue University North Central
1401 S. U.S. 421
Westville, IN 46391

Phone: (219) 785-5489
Fax:(219) 785-5507
Office: SWRZ 307


     Ph.D., Mathematics of Education, Purdue University (West-Lafayette), 1992
     M.S. Mathematics of Education, Purdue University (West-Lafayette), 1984
     B.S. Mathematics, Ball State University, 1977

Office Hours - Spring 2006 




  10-11 AM    2-3 PM


  10-11 AM    2-3 PM






Courses Spring 2006:


    MA 139 Mathematics For Elementary Teachers III

    EDCI 364 Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School


Research Interests:
    Mathematics of Education


Purdue Math Activities

What's My Rule?        NEW Suggestions


Multiple Number Sentences 

Ten Frames (Description)

     Ten Frames - 1 (Overhead)

     Ten Frames - 2 (Overhead)

     Ten Frames - 3 (Overhead)

     Ten Frames - 4 (Overhead)

     Ten Frames - 5 (Overhead)    NEW

     Ten Frames - 6 (Overhead)

Name Game

Lima Bean Toss

Number Sentences (Description)


Four In A Row (Description)

     Four In A Row Addition -1 Easy        NEW

     Four In A Row Addition -1 Medium  NEW

     Four In A Row Addition -1 Hard        NEW


Roll a Problem NEW

Anything but Ten NEW

Bowling with Numbers (Description)

Bowling with Numbers (Activities)


Money Trading (Description)

     Money Trading – Dimes/Nickels/Pennies

     Money Trading – Half Dollars/Quarters/Dimes/Nickels/Pennies

     Money Trading – Bills


Spatial Memory (Description)

     Spatial Memory -1  (Overheads)

     Spatial Memory -2  (Overheads)


Paper Folding (Description)

     Paper Folding 1

     Paper Folding 2

     Paper Folding 3

Five Square Problem (Description)


Logo (Description)

      Logo (Activities)


Fraction Bars (Description)

Fraction Square (Activity)

Percents/Decimals (Activity)

Money Problems (Activities)



      Nonstandard units (Activity)

      US Customary (Activity)

      Metric (Activity)


      Geoboard Area (Activity)

      Geoborard-2 Area (Activity)



Algebraic Reasoning

     Equality (Description and Activity)

     Variable (Description)

     Associate Property (Activity)

     Two Variables (Description)

     Geometric Patterns

     Number Patterns

     THOANS (Description)



Writing Rubrics


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