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Dr. James S. Pula

Ph.D. - Purdue University
M.A. - Purdue University
M.Ed. - University of Maryland
B.A. - State University of New York-Albany





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James S. Pula

Professor of History

Ethnic and Immigration Studies
American Civil War & Reconstruction

Editor, Polish American Studies

Polish American Studies, is an interdisciplinary, refereed scholarly journal published twice each year by the Polish American Historical Association. It is a member of the JSTOR electronic database of academic journals and is abstracted in Historical Abstracts, America: History and Life, and The Catholic Periodical and Literature Index. The editors welcome scholarship including articles, edited documents, bibliographies and related materials dealing with all aspects of the history and culture of Poles in the Western Hemisphere. They particularly welcome contributions that place the Polish experience in historical and comparative perspective by examining its relationship to other ethnic experiences. Contributions from any discipline in the humanities and social sciences are welcome. Recent acceptance rates for unsolicited manuscripts were: 25.0% in 2010, 60.0% in 2009, 33.4 in 2008, 28.6% in 2007, 47.2% in 2006 and 36.4% in 2005. Inquiries and submissions may be sent to the editor, James S. Pula, at


Course Information:
“The Civil War and Reconstruction” (HIST 46500)
“Gettysburg: Three Days That Changed America” (HIST 35001)
“National, Ethnic and Racial Identity in History and Culture” (HIST 49200)
“U.S. Ethnic and Immigration History” (HIST 46600)
“The Emergence of Modern America” (HIST 46700)
"The Revolutionary Era" (HIST 46100)
“United States to 1877” (HIST 15100)
“United States Since 1877” (HIST 15200)
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