Purna C. Das, Ph. D.
Professor of Physics and Department Chair

Mathematics/Statistics/Physics Department
Purdue University North Central

1401 S. U.S. 421
Westville, IN 46391

Phone: (219) 785-5254
Fax:(219) 785-5507
Office: SWRZ 109

      Ph.D., Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, City University of New York, 1982
       M.Sc. (Physics), Utkal University, Bhubaneshwar, India, 1976
       B.Sc. (Honors in Physics), Utkal University, Bhubaneshwar, India , 1974

Courses Taught Recently    
    PHYS 152 (Mechanics)

    PHYS 220 (General Physics I)
    PHYS 221 (General Physics II)

    PHYS 241 (Electricity and Optics)
    PHYS 261 (Heat, Electricity and Optics)
    PHYS 213 (Physics for Elementary Education Majors)
  Grants and Awards

    NSF-ILI award: A Physics Computing Laboratory with an Interactive Digitized Video Component
    1996 - 1998.

    Purdue Research Foundation Summer Faculty Grant: Study of Pulsed Fluorescence, 1993

    Outstanding Teacher in Science, Purdue University North Central, 1993-94

    NSF College Faculty Research Opportunity Award (ROA): Laser Induced Chemical Reactions and
    Energy Transfer, 1988 - 1989


    Physics of small solid state particles and solid surfaces; Linear and nonlinear spectroscopic properties
    of adsorbates near small particles and solid surfaces; Physics of nanoparticles and nano-scale

Selected Publications

    Das, P. C. and A. Puri, Energy flow and fluorescence near a small metal particle, Physical Review B,
    65, 155416 (1-8), (2002)

    Garcia, L., A Puri, and P. C. Das, Gauss’s theorem revisited. European Journal of Physics, 16
    266-270 (1995)

    Moini, S., A. Puri, D. Habibollahzadeh, and P. C. Das, Ground State Energy Estimation of Jellium 
    Systems by Spatial Gridding. Modern Physics Letters B, 9, 45-53 (1995)

    Moini, S. A., A. Puri, and P. C. Das, Photochemistry near a semiconductor surface. Journal of 
    Chemical Physics, 98, 746-752 (1993)

    Das, P. C., A. Puri, and T. F. George, Photodissociation near a rough metal surface: Effect of reaction
    fields. Journal of Chemical Physics, 93, 9106-9112 (1990)

    Das, P. C., A. Puri, and T. F. George, Electromagnetic Reaction to Molecular Relaxation and Its 
    Effect on Absorption Near a Rough Surface. Solid State Communications, 72, 895-899 (1989)

    Das, P. C., H. Metiu, and A. Puri, Surface enhanced two-photon absorption near a small metal 
    particle. Journal of Chemical Physics, 89, 6497-6505 (1988)


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